Schopfer offers eCommerce web development solutions that will bring you sales. When designing a site for customer transactions, many usability, design and technical issues need to integrate together perfectly to maximize conversion.

The e-commerce, Content Management System (CMS) and Business Process Management (BPM) System are integrated to provide clients with an industry leading ecommerce web based environment that can run and manage your website in addition to managing your organizations business process workflow between your partners, vendors, suppliers and clients.

Integrating what you do so clients can easily interact with your ecommerce model without having to worry about the complex processes that reside behind the scenes. Developers, vendors, suppliers and sub-contractors can now provide one integrated effort to deliver a product or service to your client.

Key Features & Options

  • Inventory management
  • Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Reporting
  • Tracking
  • Sales promotions
  • Roles and responsibilities controlled access
  • Scalability

Work with us

We have always aimed for promethean work with the finest stroke of creative and out-of-the-box thinking, something that our client would love to see. We understand your commercial requirements and we have the skills and experince to assist you with highest degree of quality service.