Contract Lifecycle management (CLM) is a software based solution to maintain the complete lifecycle of legal documents/agreements starting with generation of contract and covers all stages including but not limited to contract negotiations (review and versioning), execution and expiry of term. The system is empowered to generate alerts and reminders on various action stages such as renewal due and violation of any clause/sub-clause. The system assist legal firms, In-house legal departments to generate template based legal documents on the fly and to maintain centralized repository of all executed contracts for future reference.

Modules included

  • Template based Contract Generation
  • Repository of Draft Contracts
  • Centralized Contract Repositorys
  • Alerts on Contract Expiry
  • Online renewal/termination of Contracts
  • Contract Dashboard

System Features

  • Ease of use
  • Usage of advanced technology
  • Early warning system – Monitor, Detect, Alert
  • Total tailor made
  • In depth data collection & analysis
  • CIA Policy – Data confidentiality, integrity & availability
  • Scalable & flexible
  • Compatible with mobile technology
  • Data transportability
  • Success assurance

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